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Kidney Cancer: Doug’s story

• Doug was given one year to live when first diagnosed with cancer
• He had molecular profiling of his cancer’s DNA, RNA and proteins performed with Caris
• Years later, he’s “doing well”, watching his grandchildren grow up.

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Colon Cancer: Melanie’s story

• Melanie experienced cancer, recurring at different sites for seven years.
• Caris tumour profiling of her colorectal cancer revealed it had markers common to breast and kidney cancer.
• She’s doing well, after receiving targeted therapies, usually used to treat completely different types of cancer.

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Breast Cancer: Sandy’s story

• Sandy’s cancer, first diagnosed in 1992, recurred in 2002 in her liver, bone and lungs.
• Standard therapies were no longer working, so she tried tumour profiling, to identify personalised medicine.
• Anti-cancer drugs identified through molecular profiling, have managed her cancer and given her the time to experience her children’s graduations, marriages and birth of grandchildren.

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Comprehensive Molecular Profiling and You

This educational video is for cancer patients and caregivers to learn more about comprehensive molecular profiling and how these advanced technologies can provide a blueprint of what makes up each patient’s unique cancer. With this personalised profile of results, the physician and patient can be confident and fully informed when creating a personalised cancer treatment plan specific for the patient.

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