Why is tumour profiling different?

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Why is tumour profiling different?


Personalising cancer treatment

What if you had access to information to better personalise treatment for your cancer patients? Caris molecular intelligence is focused on fulfilling the promise of personalised medicine for these patients.

This industry leading service has profiled more than 60,000 patients’ tumours worldwide since 2006 and incorporates the assessment of more than 120,000 scientific and medical publications. This means a more informed treatment decision for the patient in front of you today.

Why molecular profiling?

In order to treat cancer, you need to know what the molecular profile of that particular tumour is.

Molecular profiling is useful for patients who have advanced cancer, rare cancers or unusual cancers where there is no good standard therapy.

Comprehensive tumour profiling may uncover additional drug options beyond those in the standard of care. Profiling may also identify clinical trial opportunities for patients, based on their biomarker status.

Multiple technologies

One of the things that makes Caris unique is that we are technology agnostic, we are marker agnostic.

We certainly love to have next generation sequencing and PCR and FISH and SISH, so I think the different technologies that are offered by the Caris Life Sciences team are very important. Not just one technology.

More comprehensive information

More comprehensive analysis for clinically relevant biomarkers makes such an approach much more meaningful and offers better opportunities and broad opportunities for the patients.

Multiplatform approach is more helpful because an assay like that would look at RNA, DNA and protein and with RNA, DNA and next generation sequencing especially with protein, it gives us clues as to pick a cytotoxic therapy.

More treatment options

DNA sequencing alone only identifies 12-19 drug associations for cancer patients. Caris Molecular Intelligence can offer up to 51 FDA approved therapy associations, through the combination of RNA, DNA and protein analysis.

Other companies may claim to do comprehensive molecular profiling but we are the only molecular profiling company right now that offers the full suite of technologies and we fully believe that anything less than that is not enabling the oncologist to make the best possible decision.

Quality certification

Caris has obtained the highest level of quality with its ISO15189 and CLIA certifications.

We have achieved the highest standard in laboratory quality and are the only lab of this size and with this scope.

We have routine quality controls in place to make sure that what we are sending out to our physicians is the best quality.

Fast, reliable information

Our lab is running seven days a week. There is somebody always here. We take very seriously the fact that we’re trying to help patients fight a deadly disease and this is their life and we don’t want to slow down the transfer of information.

Cancer is just one side of the equation. The other side of the equation is the patient. Not every therapy is equally well tolerated and physicians need to use our information in conjunction with the information that he or she can gather from examining the patient in front of them.

Non-standard treatment options

When standard of care fails a patient, an oncologist may look for additional or unexpected drugs.

After exhausting her treatment options, Kay Kays, a twenty year cancer survivor was profiled twice by Caris. Her profiles helped guide the next step in her treatment.

Kay’s experience

It was exciting to just discover profiling and what was so great was that I had a doctor, who was Dr Von Hoff, who explained it to me. He didn’t just tell me, he would look at different things, like this isn’t for you because what happens in the profiling, is it crosses cancer boundaries because we’re looking at, you know, a lot of biomarkers and different things for different cancers.

We want to help the person sitting in front of us right now. That’s the most important thing.

Patient-centred treatment information

Caris Molecular Intelligence delivers critically important information to help oncologists treat cancer smarter. This information is both complex and dynamic. It changes as scientific research and the understanding of molecular biology advances, requiring constant review and assessment.

Once reviewed, this scientific and clinical data is integrated into our service, providing doctors and cancer patients with the most relevant and actionable treatment information available to date.

Harnessing technology

Caris Molecular Intelligence is harnessing the power of bioinformatics and technology to fulfil the promise of personalised medicine for these patients today.

We’ve been a pioneer of this space since 2006, we’ve been out there, pounding away at this message that these patients need to know, that there may be treatment options for them.

A passionate, evidence-based team

I am very proud to be working with the Caris team. I think that they have a vision of future but most importantly too they believe in quality and being technology agnostic and trying to do things that are evidence based. That’s really a critical piece. And I see this team doing it right.

We’re all passionate at Caris. We’re passionate about cancer and doing something about cancer. We’re on a mission to take personalised medicine to the bedside. I look forward to coming in every day, with the hope that we’re going to help someone out there relieve some of the pain or extend their life.

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