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Have you used Caris Molecular Intelligence yourself or do you know someone who has?

Share your cancer story and what part Caris Molecular Intelligence has played in it with us. Perhaps the results of tumour profiling has changed your treatment plan, or tumour profiling has given you more quality time to accomplish the things that are important to you.

We would love to hear how Caris Molecular Intelligence has worked for you in your cancer journey. By sharing your experience, you can help support others in their fight against cancer, and help show those with similar cancers how tumour profiling may be used to help their cancer.

Do you need help getting started?

The following questions can be used as a guide:

  • How did you hear of Caris Molecular Intelligence?
  • How did you come to the decision to have profiling done?
  • What was your experience like with Precision Oncology and Caris Molecular Intelligence?
  • What treatment were you having before tumour profiling?
  • Did treatment change after you received the results of tumour profiling?
  • What would you suggest to others who are thinking of having tumour profiling done?

By sharing your experience with us, you are giving consent for Precision Oncology to share your story publically. In addition, Precision Oncology staff may contact you to learn more about your experience and request more information.


Cancer stories

Navzad’s cancer: Caris Cancer Profiling | SBS Insights – Cancer Breakthroughs

• Molecular profiling helps doctors understand why tissues change to be cancerous, and which genetic mutations are driving cancer growth.
• Anti-cancer drugs can then be matched to genetic mutations in the tumour.
• Breakthroughs in molecular profiling of tumours are enhancing cancer treatment.

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Kidney cancer: Doug’s story

• Doug was given one year to live when first diagnosed with cancer
• He had molecular profiling of his cancer’s DNA, RNA and proteins performed with Caris
• Years later, he’s “doing well”, watching his grandchildren grow up.

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Colon cancer: Melanie’s story

• Melanie experienced cancer, recurring at different sites for seven years.
• Caris tumour profiling of her colorectal cancer revealed it had markers common to breast and kidney cancer.
• She’s doing well, after receiving targeted therapies, usually used to treat completely different types of cancer.

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Breast cancer: Sandy’s story

• Sandy’s cancer, first diagnosed in 1992, recurred in 2002 in her liver, bone and lungs.
• Standard therapies were no longer working, so she tried tumour profiling, to identify personalised medicine.
• Anti-cancer drugs identified through molecular profiling, have managed her cancer and given her the time to experience her children’s graduations, marriages and birth of grandchildren.

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