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You are unique and so is your cancer.

We analyse cancer DNA, RNA and proteins to personalise treatment.

Target your cancer precisely.

How is cancer treated?

There are many types of cancer treatments available. The treatments given depend on the type of cancer you have and how advanced it is. Standard cancer treatment is based largely on the original location of the tumour, such as the breast or lungs. This approach may not always produce optimal results. But what if your treatment plan was personalised, so that you are only given the chemotherapies, immunotherapies and targeted therapies which are most likely to effectively treat your cancer?

With Caris Molecular Intelligence, it’s already possible for your doctor to use the very latest cancer target (biomarker) research to choose the treatments that are likely to work against your cancer.

How can my cancer treatment be personalised?

Precision Oncology is the exclusive distributor for Caris Molecular Intelligence in Australia and New Zealand. A sample of your tumour is sent to the Caris Life Sciences’ state of the art laboratory in the US where it undergoes molecular profiling.

A molecular profile reveals the unique characteristics of a person’s cancer at the molecular level, providing doctors with knowledge about which treatments are most likely to produce the best results, including treatments that may not have been previously considered. Molecular profiling may also help you avoid treatments that are ineffective, unnecessary, and potentially harmful.

Using molecular profiling in cancer treatment

Increasing numbers of oncologists are adopting personalised medicine. In this treatment approach, evidence-guided cancer treatments are matched to the molecular profile of an individual patient’s tumour. Molecular profiling provides the information that helps oncologists to personalise treatment plans for individual patients.

It can be particularly valuable for people who have run out of standard treatment options, for those with rare or aggressive cancer, or if there are multiple treatment options available for that type of cancer.

Caris molecular profiling is unique

Better information can lead to better treatment decisions. The first of its kind, Caris Molecular Intelligence is a unique tool that combines comprehensive tumour testing with the latest clinical research on biomarkers. The results provide your doctor with timely, detailed information to evaluate potential treatment options.

Caris has been a world leader in tumour profiling since 2008, with more than 140,000 tumours profiled for over 7,500 oncologists from 81 countries.

Caris specialises in testing a tumour’s unique molecular makeup using a multiplatform approach (DNA, RNA and proteins). Multiple molecular testing technologies are used, including Immunohistochemistry (IHC), in situ Hybridization, 592-gene Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS), Sanger Sequencing, Pyro Sequencing and Fragment Analysis.

These technologies detect and analyse biomarkers for alterations that may be associated with cancer growth or response to treatment.

Your tumour’s information is then compared with an exhaustive review of scientific study results from thousands of the world’s leading cancer researchers, matching biomarkers to the treatments with the most clinical benefit.

The Caris Molecular Intelligence Report

A comprehensive report is sent to your oncologist, detailing every part of your tumour analysis and listing positively and negatively associated treatments.

Your doctor can then use this report to personalise your treatment plan by selecting treatments tailored to your tumour’s unique molecular characteristics.

The report is fully referenced to scientific evidence demonstrating the effectiveness of various therapies for treating tumours with similar molecular biomarker profiles.

The report also contains information about clinical trials of new anti-cancer medicines that you may be able to participate in.

Why Caris Molecular Intelligence?

  • Most comprehensive tumour profiling service available worldwide
  • Rapid turnaround time
  • Fully referenced, detailed report
  • Premium service

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Precision Oncology is the exclusive partner of Caris Molecular Intelligence in Australia and New Zealand.

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