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Who is Precision Oncology?

Precision Oncology is the exclusive partner of Caris Molecular Intelligence in Australia and New Zealand. We are responsible for sending tumour specimens to the Caris laboratory in the United States for testing and providing the results to your oncologist.

What is Caris Life Sciences?

Caris Life Sciences (Caris) is a biosciences company focused on personalised medicine. As the first to offer comprehensive molecular profiling in oncology, Caris Molecular Intelligence is an industry leader, with 100,000-plus tumours profiled and counting. Caris Molecular Intelligence correlates molecular data from a patient’s tumour with drug targets derived from clinical cancer studies. Using a variety of advanced technologies, molecular information for approximately 60 FDA-approved drug associations are provided to your oncologist to personalise treatment for you.

What is Caris Molecular Intelligence?

Caris Molecular Intelligence® is the first tumour profiling service that combines comprehensive laboratory testing with clinical research/evidence on biomarkers to aid oncologists as they evaluate potential drug or clinical trial options. A Caris Molecular Intelligence® Report is generated for each patient and may help your doctor personalise cancer therapies specific to your cancer/tumour.

What does the Report reveal?

The results of these tests reveal your tumour’s specific cancer biomarkers, or targets, which are then matched to treatments having potential clinical benefit or lack of benefit for your tumour. Caris Molecular Intelligence matches the biomarkers to the treatments using an extensive review of the strongest and most relevant cancer related clinical and scientific studies. This information can be used by your oncologist to personalise your treatment, which may lead to better treatment response.

What makes me a candidate for Caris Molecular Intelligence?

You have been diagnosed with a solid tumour cancer and your oncologist is seeking additional treatment information when:

  • your cancer has metastasised or recurred;
  • you are facing aggressive or rare cancer;
  • your oncologist is navigating multiple treatment options; or
  • you have run out of standard treatment options to fight your cancer.


Does the Report tell my oncologist what kind of cancer I have?

No, a ‘diagnostic’ test determines whether someone may have a particular disease or medical condition. The Report is designed to help your oncologist identify which of the available therapies may have the best chance to work against your cancer and which to potentially avoid.

Does the Report tell my oncologist how to treat my cancer?

The Report is a tool provided to your oncologist to ensure they have the most advanced data when evaluating how best to attack your tumour. Your oncologist will determine your treatment plan which will be based on many factors that may include the Report, availability of cancer therapeutics, medical history and other clinical factors.

Does the Report provide information on clinical trials?

The Report may include biomarkers that are references in the Clinical Trials Connector™. This service identifies clinical trials that are currently enrolling patients based on the unique biomarkers in your tumour. Your oncologist will determine if any of these trials may be right for you.

What kind of tissue sample is needed for Caris Life Sciences to profile my tumour?

Caris Molecular Intelligence is performed on tissue that is routinely obtained during the surgical removal of your tumour, or from a sample collected during a biopsy. As your tumour’s biomarkers may change over time and with treatment, your oncologist may wish to obtain a more recent sample of your tumour.

How is the specimen shipped?

Specimens are shipped in a dedicated shipper kit with a pre-filled airway bill and shipment instructions. The shipper kit is sent by Precision Oncology team to collect your sample.

Where will the service be performed?

Caris Molecular Intelligence is performed at the Caris Life Sciences laboratory in Phoenix, Arizona. This state-of-the-art lab meets and exceeds industry standards (CLIA, CAP, ISO 15189, NY State and CE Mark approved/certified) and is staffed by MDs, PhDs and licensed technologists.

When will my results be ready?

The process takes up to 21 days. The Report will be delivered directly to your oncologist for review.

How does my oncologist receive my results?

The MI Profile report containing the results is sent to your oncologist via secure email.

Where can I learn more about tumour profiling and biomarkers? is an educational resource, sponsored by Caris, that is designed to provide information about molecular profiling, cancer biomarkers and the transformation of cancer treatment.

Can I order Caris Molecular Intelligence directly?

Caris Molecular Intelligence must be ordered by your treating oncologist. To request our services, your treating oncologist completes and signs our International Tumour Requisition Form and sends it to Precision Oncology by email.

Is Caris Molecular Intelligence covered by my health insurance?

Currently, Caris Molecular Intelligence is not reimbursed by insurance companies in Australia or New Zealand. However, insurance companies in some countries do provide reimbursements for Caris Molecular Intelligence services. Precision Oncology is petitioning to change this in Australia and New Zealand also.

Can I self-pay for Caris Molecular Intelligence for myself (or a friend or relative)?

Yes, you can pay via credit card on our secure payment portal. Payment needs to be received before we can begin testing.

How much does tumour profiling cost?

Please contact the Customer Services Helpline at +61 8 6245 2020 or to get detailed information about the costs of profiling.

What payment methods are accepted by Caris?

Payment for Caris Molecular Intelligence services is made by credit card (Visa, Master Card, and American Express are accepted) on our secure online payment portal.

When should I pay?

All payments must be received prior to initiation of services. Payment can be arranged after we receive the completed and signed International Tumour Requisition Form from your oncologist requesting the Caris Molecular Intelligence.

What is included in the cost?

The cost includes the Caris Molecular Intelligence MI Profile utilising a comprehensive multiplatform approach, service logistics, oncologist consultation and clinical trials connector.

Who can I contact if I have additional questions about Caris Molecular Intelligence testing?

If you have any other questions, Precision Oncology Customer Service would be pleased to help you. Please contact the Customer Services Helpline at +61 8 6245 2020 or


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