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  • Preparing for the Future

    After your confirmed cancer diagnosis, it is important that you and your doctor plan ahead. This involves understanding standard treatment options, and what to do if this fails. Taking a quality biopsy can also save you critical time in the future. Learn about preparing for the future.

  • What′s in the Report?

    The Caris Molecular Intelligence reports contain integrated, actionable, referenced tumour profile information, to enable evidence-guided, precision medicine.
    Get more information about the reports.

  • Evidence Underpinning Caris Molecular Intelligence′s Treatment Associations

    Caris Molecular Intelligence uses comprehensive multiplatform molecular profiling technology to find relevant, actionable cancer targets for each patient. Evidence based treatment recommendations show which treatments are most likely to produce and which are unlikely to help.
    Get more information about the evidence.

  • What are the Costs?

    A breakdown of what goes into the cost of ordering Caris Molecular Intelligence and the reimbursement options available in Australia and New Zealand.
    Get more information about the costs.

  • Share Your Experience

    Have you used Caris Molecular Intelligence? If so, we would love to hear your story and how it has impacted on your cancer journey.

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