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Molecular Cancer Profiling

You are unique and so is your cancer. Target your cancer precisely.

Precision Oncology is the exclusive distributor for Caris Molecular Intelligence® (CMI) in Australia and New Zealand. We specialise in multiplatform tumour molecular profiling, or in other words, testing a tumour’s unique molecular makeup (DNA, RNA and proteins) to identify which treatments would or would not be most effective in treating that person’s specific cancer.

This treatment method is what is known as a ‘personalised medicine’ approach. Rather than simply using the standard treatment which is normally prescribed for a cancer of that type, tumour profiling is used to identify that tumour’s specific cancer biomarkers (or targets). Multiple molecular testing technologies are used including Immunohistochemistry (IHC), in situ Hybridisation, 592-gene Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS), Sanger Sequencing, Pyro Sequencing and Fragment Analysis to detect and analyse biomarkers. The tumour’s information is then compared with an exhaustive review of literature from thousands of the world’s leading cancer researchers, matching biomarkers to the treatments with the most clinical benefit.

A fully referenced comprehensive report detailing the tumour analysis and clinical associations is sent to the oncologist who then develops an individualised treatment plan. This individual approach means that you can also avoid treatments which may routinely be used for a cancer of that type, but which profiling has shown will have limited benefit in your specific case.

Educational video: Comprehensive Molecular Profiling & You

Learn more about comprehensive molecular profiling and how these advanced technologies can provide a blueprint of what makes up each patient’s unique cancer.

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