Kidney Cancer: Doug’s story

Doug Luckow: kidney cancer; his story and treatment


DOUG: Hi, my name is Doug Luckow. I was diagnosed with cancer two years ago and I’ve been doing pretty good.

MRS LUCKOW: We travelled for twelve years.

DOUG: Yeah, after I retired we travelled for twelve years in an RV. We were gone every winter. Yeah, we’ve had it pretty good for the last 12 or 14 years I guess.

MRS LUCKOW: But when he was diagnosed with cancer it changed our entire lifestyle.

DOUG: Oh, it sure did.

MRS LUCKOW: It changed everything.

DOUG: It really changed our lifestyle.

MRS LUCKOW: The first year, the first diagnosis was one year at the most to live. That’s what they gave him. And that was pretty devastating for everyone in the family, including him, but I mean, we all had a terrible time with it.

DOUG: Well, a lot of it was in my head, you know. As far as the pain and stuff was, I can take that, but ah, the, in your head you worry about dying and it’s a thing that’s on your mind actually.

MRS LUCKOW: He had quite a few side effects from the pills but it would be, you know, several months in and then, ah taking the pills, he would have the side effects. But when you couldn’t move your hands.

DOUG: Yeah.

MRS LUCKOW: He simply couldn’t even bend his hands over. And then the hip replacement and trying to go through the therapy and the radiation, it was all, those were downers. You know, and then he wanted to just sit in the chair and not move. Period. I mean all day long.

DOUG: They did that test on me, for the, for my DNA and it…

MRS LUCKOW: It gave him, we feel it gave him extra time. They pinpointed different drugs that would possibly slow it down. It’s never going to be gone, but you know if it shrinks the tumour and keeps him around for a while, we’re extremely happy over that. But since November, a year ago in November, he has not had to have radiation, he hasn’t had any surgeries, so.

DOUG: Everything’s looking on the up side.

MRS LUCKOW: Yeah, and he’s carving again, that first year he couldn’t carve, he couldn’t fish, he couldn’t do anything that are his hobbies.

DOUG: Yeah, I couldn’t carve for a year, a year and a half, whatever. And that’s how I like to spend my time, carving. Oh, I’ve carved lots of things and I’ve carved, well I’ve built lots of things too, mostly for my granddaughters and grandkids. I give them Valentines, all the same. And I write on them, “I love you best of all”. I love my grandchildren, they’re my children. I think they’re, well, they’re the light of my life, you know, that’s what they are.

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