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Molecularly Targeted Clinical Trials Matching Service

Although significant advances in cancer treatment have been made in recent years, not all patients can be effectively treated within the standard of care paradigm. Many patients are eligible for clinical trials participation, yet less than 3% are actually enrolled in a trial, according to an evaluation of the NCI Clinical Trial Cooperative Group surgical oncology trials database.1

The Caris Molecular Intelligence™ Clinical Trials Connector™ allows physicians to quickly identify and review clinical trial opportunities in real-time that are matched based on the results for each patient.

Clinical Trials Connector™:

  • Examines thousands of open and enrolling clinical trials
  • Matches clinical trials based on:
    • Gender
    • Age (date-of-birth)
    • Tumor type
    • Biomarker profile
  • Includes interactive and customisable trial search filters by:
    • Biomarker
    • Therapy
    • Phase of study
    • Study location(s)
    • Study sponsor

All suitable clinical trials are included in the CMI report for each patient profiled. Contact us so we can provide you with more detailed information on any of these trials.

Clinical Trials Connector example


Clinical Trials Connector example



  1. Stewart JH, Bertoni AG, Staten JL, et alParticipation in surgical oncology clinical trials: Gender-, race/ethnicity-, and age-based disparities. Ann Surg Oncol. 2007;14(12):3328-34.
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