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Caris Molecular Intelligence® reports detail the molecular profile of the tumour tissue being sampled. The information contained in the report enables precision medicine, that is, the personalised matching of evidence-guided cancer treatment to the molecular profile of the patient’s tumour. All potentially relevant information derived from tumour testing is included in the report, hyperlinked and referenced to scientific literature presenting evidence supporting the association between therapies and the tumour’s biomarkers.

The Caris Molecular Intelligence® report is sent to the ordering physician within 21 days of case activation. Precision Oncology also notifies the patient when the report is complete and has been sent to their treating physician.

What’s in the report?

Based on the tumour profile the report summarises the most relevant treatment information. On the first page treatments that are likely, and those, which are unlikely to be of clinical benefit to the patient are listed. A detailed review of the expected clinical benefit of various therapies, including references to scientific literature detailing the evidence of over 60 therapeutic associations, is also presented. This integrated information enables the treating physician to make an evidence-guided decision about the best treatment option, after considering a comprehensive range of potentially beneficial treatments, including chemotherapies, immunotherapies and targeted therapies.

Information about the results of each biomarker test performed to profile the tumour, and the actionable genetic mutations that may be driving cancer growth, are then presented. This information is derived from an ongoing review of relevant clinical literature, performed by a multidisciplinary team including physicians, PhDs and scientists, who have to date reviewed over 120,000 clinical literature manuscripts. Of the publications that support the associations made in the report, 98% include Level I/II evidence. Actionable drug to biomarker associations are graded according to the Preventative Services Task Force Grading Methodology. Information about biomarker and therapeutic associations is important for understanding why particular therapies are likely or unlikely to be of benefit. The report concludes by detailing clinical trials in which the patient is eligible to enrol, and which are likely to be of clinical benefit. Please contact us for more detailed information on any suitable clinical trials for your patient.

Precision Oncology sends the full report to the treating oncologist, along with a physician consult by email. After receiving the Caris Molecular Intelligence® report, ordering physicians can discuss the results via teleconference, with a Caris Life Sciences physician familiar with the rapidly changing scientific literature related to the patient’s tumour type. This communication can be used to obtain further information and discuss the various treatment options in more detail.

The following sample reports demonstrate how the molecular profile information is presented. They are not intended for clinical use.

Sample reports

Caris Molecular Intelligence sample report: Breast Cancer
Caris Molecular Intelligence sample report: Triple Negative Breast Cancer
Caris Molecular Intelligence sample report: Colon Cancer
Caris Molecular Intelligence sample report: Endometrial Cancer
Caris Molecular Intelligence sample report: Glioblastoma
Caris Molecular Intelligence sample report: Glottic Cancer
Caris Molecular Intelligence sample report: Leiomyosarcoma of the uterus
Caris Molecular Intelligence sample report: Lung Cancer
Caris Molecular Intelligence sample report: Melanoma
Caris Molecular Intelligence sample report: Nasal Cavity Cancer
Caris Molecular Intelligence sample report: Nasopharyngeal Cancer
Caris Molecular Intelligence sample report: Oesophogeal Cancer
Caris Molecular Intelligence sample report: Ovarian Cancer
Caris Molecular Intelligence sample report: Pancreatic Cancer
Caris Molecular Intelligence sample report: Unknown Primary Site
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