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Caris Life Sciences has been a world leader in tumour profiling since 2008. Caris has profiled more than 140,000 tumours for over 7,500 oncologists from 81 countries.

Caris tumour profiling is provided through local distributors in each country. Precision Oncology is the exclusive distributor for Caris profiling in Australia and New Zealand.

Although Precision Oncology’s main office is located in Perth, Western Australia, we have relationships with pathology labs all over Australia and New Zealand to ensure the correct paperwork and safe transport of tumour tissue samples to the Caris laboratory in the United States. We are able to organise timely profiling services (under 3 week turnaround) for tumour samples from rural as well as city locations.

We are a local point of contact for physicians, patients and pathology labs. We also organise for the safe return of tissue samples back to the original pathology lab in Australia or New Zealand after tumour profiling is complete.

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