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Dr Lee Schwartzberg (Medical Doctor)
I’ve been practising oncology for a very long time and I’ve never been more excited to be an oncologist than I am right now. We now know that cancer is not just a few diseases, but one could actually make the claim that every cancer is different.

Dr John L Marshall (Medical Doctor)
We’re at the cusp of something, we’re on the edge of science, everybody’s talking about precision medicine, but what it really means is can I give the right drug to the right patient, at the right time? The only way we are going to figure that out right now is through molecular profiling.

The Caris Centres of Excellence are really the cooperative group of tomorrow. If we’re really going to cure cancer, we’re going to have to use the innovation of today, and the outstanding community and academic care and bridge those together.

Dr Wafik El-Deiry (Medical Doctor, Doctor of Philosophy)
Part of what makes the CoE network unique is the relationship with Caris Life Sciences. Caris has been profiling tumours for at least seven or eight years now, so there’s a database of all kinds of tumours.

Dr Edward Kim (Medical Doctor)
In order to make the most of all of the patients we study, you have to collect this data in an organised manner, you have to have a large enough system to be able to store it, and then you have to have some really smart people there to analyse it.

Dr Lee Schwartzberg (Medical Doctor)
We can also tell what drugs don’t work and avoid exposing patients to drugs that on average work for some patients but won’t work for them.

Dr Derek Raghavan
You’ve got all these superstar investigators in different places and we can sort of leverage each other’s experience.

Dr Lee Schwartzberg (Medical Doctor)
This is a new area in terms of precision medicine and molecular profiling. We’re learning things literally every single day, and having the access to all of us to work together is really, really important.

Dr John L Marshall (Medical Doctor)
The importance of what we’re doing cannot really be under estimated. It’s the only way we’re going to move the bar forward in so many of our cancers.

David Halbert (CEO- Caris Life Sceinces)
The commitment that we have around precision medicine really comes from a certainty that it’s the future, and that precise treatment leads to better outcomes and will save money for the system.

Dr John L Marshall (Medical Doctor)
The Centres of Excellence is all about building a bigger haystack so we can find more needles. Everybody’s cancer is different. But it’s not total chaos, and the only way that we can really understand how it works is through a collaborative. No one cancer centre can do this. We must bring groups together. Build the big haystack, because within those are the needles that will be the answer for cancer.


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